Reclaiming Time and Ditching Overwhelm: A Guide to Doing Less Better

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You have exactly the time you need to focus.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably familiar with hustle culture. You’ve probably even been sucked into that place of hustle – doing all the things all at once with little to no rest, hoping for extraordinary results. Oftentimes, only find fatigue, burnout, and wondering where we’ve gone wrong.

What if it is not about hustling harder?

What if it's not about getting more done?

What if we actually did less, but did it better?

These are the questions posed by Megan Flatt in her new book, Focused: Reclaim Your Time, Ditch Overwhelm, and Do Less Better.

Megan is a dear friend, client, and collaborator of mine that I’m thrilled to introduce you to. She is a business growth strategist who's on a mission to make the entrepreneurial journey a whole lot easier! Megan firmly believes in having it all—a thriving business, a tight-knit community, and a well-rounded life. And guess what? She knows that the secret isn't about having more time; it's about having more focus.

Her book is all about showing you how to be more impactful in your work, relationships, and day-to-day actions while celebrating your wins.

This episode is full of strategies and practical tips to apply today to deepen your focus to make a bigger impact by doing less. As always, I want to know your thoughts on everything we’re talking about in this episode. Be sure to leave a comment or head over to Instagram to let me know.


In This Episode:

  • What leads to burnout
  • Time vs. To-do list: impact > busy
  • What actually belongs on your to-do list?
  • Strategies to find your focus

Throughout the episode, you'll find yourself nodding along and gaining valuable insights to implement in your own life. And to make things even better, Megan is offering some incredible bonuses for her book. Head over to, where you can grab a copy of her book and other resources to enhance your focus and productivity journey.

So, my friend, now is the time to prioritize yourself, reclaim your time, ditch overwhelm, and learn how to do less better. Trust me, you don't want to miss this delightful conversation. Hit that play button and let Megan guide you to a more focused and fulfilled life.






03:21 Megan’s book and how it became one

06:50 Megan’s definition of burnout

10:33 Productivity vs Focus

13:18 How do we bring ourselves to focus

21:05 “We have all been fed one formula for productivity for decades”

24:31 How does Megan catch herself distracted

27:19 “If you wanna receive last emails, you have to send last emails”

29:42 Difference between projects and tasks

31:31 How did Megan use her methodology to write the book

39:05 Where to find Megan’s book


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