From Live Launches to Circuit Selling: A Game-Changing Marketing Strategy

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It’s complicated!

That is how I describe my relationship with online marketing at the beginning of this episode. There are so many strategies and tactics and “you have to do it this way!” mindsets in online marketing. It can actually be really difficult to create the correct strategy for your business.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before: one size does not fit all. Nicki is here to talk us through the psychology of your customers, how to find the right marketing strategies for your business, and how to escape the echo chamber of sometimes bad advice when it comes to online marketing.

Nicki Krawczyk is revolutionizing online marketing with her approach of the Circuit Sales System. Toward the end of 2018 – after struggling in business for 6 years – Nicki created a sales and messaging system that provides all of the excitement and high conversions of live launching, without the stress. She also gained the scalability and predictability of an evergreen model minus the low conversions. With this system, she 40x-ed her business within two years.

Give this episode a listen, consider the strategies discussed, and tag me (@ ambermccue) on Instagram to share your thoughts on Nicki’s approach. Let's revolutionize your sales together!


In This Episode:

  • Common marketing tactics that just might be bad advice
  • Uncovering the real motivations behind customer purchases
  • Introducing the Circuit Sale System and its automated sales cycles
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of the system through continuous optimization
  • The dynamic and effective nature of circuit selling


It is so important to resist the pressure from others and explore different strategies instead of blindly following trends. Circus Sale System is the perfect example of why, inspired by the success of one of Nicki’s brands, Filthy Rich Writer.

Nicki was building successful careers in copywriting but faced challenges when it came to selling strategies such as live launching and paid challenges. In 2018, she took a step back and reevaluated her approach based on what consumers truly needed for their journey.

Nicki realized that nurturing and selling could happen at the same time, by focusing on what the consumer actually wants. That's when she developed the Circuit Sale System, which offers automated sales cycles for potential customers.

She breaks down how the entire system works in this episode, how she automates, and the success she (and others) have seen using the Circuit Sales System.

If you are looking for a new way to approach creating your own marketing strategy, this is a must-listen.


Mentioned in this episode:

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The Circuit Sales System

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04:01 Marketing tactics that are actually bad for the business

06:50 Building sales and marketing strategy

14:08 Learning drains energy”

16:59 How Nicki helps people identify their breakthroughs

21:01 Various brands in Nicki's company

24:46 Explaining Circuit Selling

28:49Big part of the program is digging into your target audience”

29:23 Sales emails are reusable

32:50 How to start Circuit Selling with Nicki

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