6 Things That Modern CEO’s Just Do Differently

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Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur or a modern CEO?  

(No, this isn’t a trick question!)  

Both entrepreneurs and modern CEOs are running their own businesses. Both entrepreneurs and modern CEOs are in positions of leadership over their teams. But there are a few important differences.  

Modern CEOs are embracing a different way of leading and doing business. Some of them, you may already be doing. Some of them… just might take you by surprise!  

Modern CEOs aren’t tied down to a specific location — they have the freedom to live and work from wherever they want.  

Modern CEOs define what it means to win in their business.  

Modern CEOs carve out time to see the big picture in their business… and zero in on exactly what they need to build on next in order to move their business forward.  

Because, importantly, the modern CEO mindset is focused on growth and opportunity

This means being able to look at a misstep or mistake and see it as a valuable lesson that you can use to drive growth. It means having a definite vision for what you want to create… but being agile enough to adapt to what’s going on in the market. It means being savvy about digital marketing so that you’re reaching your people where they are… with the messaging they need to hear.  And this means knowing when to pull in the experts, rather than doing All The Things yourself.

And the best part is — no matter what stage you’re at in your business, from start-up to scale-up, you can elevate into the role of modern CEO. 


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • What pancake flipping has to do with being a modern CEO — and what it teaches us about opportunity 
  • The trait you need to develop in order to turn that beautiful business vision of yours into reality 
  • Why your numbers are SO MUCH MORE than your bank balance — and how they can help you improve your business




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You are right on time.


00:40  What is a modern CEO?

02:45  Set up for success as a modern CEO

04:16  Flipping the pancake

05:44  Vision + adaptability

07:57  Digital marketing

09:15  Bring in the experts!

11:48  Take responsibility for your numbers

17:37  The holistic view

19:12  Design your life

20:07  The Modern CEO Way




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