5 Things to Do right now to go from scarcity mindset to abundance

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Welcome to this Right On Time Minisode.

For this episode, where we are talking about some practices I am implementing right now around gratitude, and expanding my money mindset. Because, about a month ago, I recognized that, I had some scarcity stuff coming up. We're experiencing growth in the business. Things are going well. We're reinvesting in the business, and I identified, still, some scarcity, some lacks, some reactions, when I was like, ooh, are we going to do that? Ah, ah, ah, I'm not sure.

So I picked up a book… Actually, first up, I implemented an approach, where I am writing down my goals for the year, every single day for 30 days, to see what comes up, to step into that, to remind my subconscious, and to reprogram my thoughts around the goals that I'm working towards in case there's any scarcity around that.

And there is, I can confirm. But I'm getting better. It's getting a little bit more comfortable, and I'm seeing the way forward a little bit more clearly every day.

The second thing I am doing every day is I am writing down 10 things I am grateful for and why.

This comes from a practice recommended in the book, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. Actually, my hairstylist recommended it. She had it on her station, at her space, when I was getting my hair cut, and we just had a lovely conversation, and I mentioned something she's like, “Actually, I'm reading about it right now. Check this out.”

So I immediately picked up the book. I'm really enjoying the gratitude practices that Rhonda recommends in the book. So I've been writing down, every day, for the last week, 10 things I am grateful for. And not just what I'm grateful for, but also the why. Why am I grateful for it?

I am grateful for great weather because it perks up my energy, I feel better all around, and I can be outside, right? One simple example. It's simple, the weather, great weather. Nothing big is happening there, but you can capture everything on these gratitude lists.

The second thing I am doing every day, is I am recognizing, I have this in a place where I can see it and read it frequently, that the gift of health is keeping me alive. And interestingly, I had a little bit of a reaction to this one, like, yes, yes, it's true. The gift of health is keeping me alive, but I have chronic migraines that I'm dealing with. I've got a headache almost every day, not quite every day, and they're going down, they're going down, but it prompts nausea. It prompts all sorts of things for me. So reading this, I'm like, all right, I'm gonna read it because I am indeed grateful for the gift of health that is keeping me alive. And, I will take a little bit more of that. So we're gonna keep it going.

The other thing that I am doing every night, as a part of the recommendations in this book, to expand our capacity for abundance, and to increase our gratitude. And there, of course, all sorts of benefits for our health, for our life that comes with a gratitude practice, is at the end of each day, I'm holding a rock, and I am saying the thing I am most grateful for from the day. The thing that I'm most grateful for from the day, and just saying, thank you, thank you, thank you for whatever that thing may be.

And lastly, the thing that I am doing is, I wrote on a $100 bill, I wrote on and $100 bill, on this sticker. I didn't actually write on the $100 bill, that I am thankful for all of the money I have been given in my life. Not just that I'm receiving right now, but all the money I have ever received. I am thankful for that. And in the book, Rhonda prompts you to think through all the things that you are grateful for, or that you've ever received, right? That you are grateful for, like the shoes that I didn't have to buy when I was a kid, the house that I had over my head when I was a kid, the Mercury Grand Marquis, a very big car that my parents gave me to drive to school and back when I was a kid.

So what are all of those things that you've ever received that have money, that led to you having something, and being taken care of?

And it could be vacations, it could be necessities, it could be anything across the board, but all of the money I've been given in my life, I am thankful for. And I'm looking at that several times a day, 'cause this is just near me, by me, as I sit and work, and while we talk. And Rhonda actually recommended you put this on a $1 bill. That felt pretty comfortable. I didn't have a $1 bill. I happened to only have a 100 in my wallet. I sometimes keep a $100 bill in my wallet. And, so I put it on the hundred, and that made me feel a certain way.

Am I really news? Like, am really gonna leave this out. Should I use this for something? Do I need to use this for something? So, all sorts of questions came up that I just tucked aside, and I'm going with it. So, that is next to me. I wanted to share this with you today in this minisode, in case you have identified that you are coming up against some blocks, some scarcity, some limits, even if they are just in our head, right?

Around the abundance that is coming to you and the growth that you are experiencing, or will be experiencing in your business. Even just writing down my goals every day, which is where this journey started 15 days ago, has been expansive. I'm settling into that. And now I'm layering in these gratitude practices, and I'm finding all sorts of stuff is bubbling up.

So you've got to let me know if you try this, what comes up for you as well? Let me know, because business, growing a business, and growing in our life is strategic, and it is tactical, and there are specific things that we do to grow our businesses.

And, there are all sorts of other stuff that is coming with us as we grow the businesses that we picked up along the way in our life, that we picked up as kids, that we picked up in college, we picked up all of these ideas of what is and what should be. But part of what will happen as we are growing businesses, is we're gonna have to unpack some of that. We're gonna have to identify what doesn't serve us or support us in our growth and on our journey anymore, and we're gonna have to put some new practices in place. So, these are a few new practices to test out.

Check out “The Magic” if you are curious about the rest of the gratitude practices. I'm only a week or so in, and there are 30 days of gratitude practices that build in the book, “The Magic”.

So, let me know if any of this resonates for you, or if you grab the book and you decide to go on this journey as well, because, my friend, we are in this together, and I'm so excited for everything you are creating.

You are Right On Time!



0:18 Scarcity stuff coming up

0:42 First step: Implementing an approach

1:18 Second step: 10 things

1:26 “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne

2:00 Why am I grateful for?

2:27 Third step: recognizing the why

3:27 Fourth Step: holding a rock

3:51 Fifth Step: the $100 bill

6:19 Layering gratitude practices

7:10 Identifying and new practices to test out

7:35 30 days of gratitude practices


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