Do you consider yourself lucky?

I don't win the lottery very often.  Then again, I don't really EXPECT to win the lottery.  I don't actually think about it that often.

I don't find four leaf clovers on the regular.  I don't really look for them that often either.

I also do not find myself lucky in the bedroom a lot lately… I have a two year old to blame for that.  😉

My examples above all have something in common… I'm not winning the lottery and finding four leaf clovers because I'm not focused on it, nurturning that desire, and I'm not manifesting it.

Research shows the luckiest people nurture their goals and expect they will happen.

It's true, when I am focused on a goal and nurture it, I have much greater success.  In high school, I had to wake up early for speech tournaments (I performed in dramatic interpretation and a humourous and a dramatic duet).  I'm talking 4am early.  On a Saturday.  In HIGH SCHOOL!

You can imagine there were times I didn't want to wake up.

I'd wish I was sick.

I'd see myself being sick.

Imagine what it would feel like.

I'd feel much less guilty about calling in sick if I could trick myself into believing I was sick.

Crazy?  Yeah, I think so too.  I learned my lesson though…

I quickly learned that I couldn't use this trick for long because I would actually end up getting sick!! My visualization skills got so good that I'd manifest a stomach bug (literally).

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

All of my manifesting skills came flooding back to me recently when I read Denise Duffield Thomas' book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – Don't let the name scare you away.  She's amazing and a ton of fun to read!

I loved what Denise is teaching so much that it is going to be our final book giveaway in our summer reading series inspired by Mid-Year is the New New Year!

She'll show you how to build your luck muscle and leverage your manifesting skills for good, making money, giving back, and growing your empire (not for getting sick, like I did!).

How about you?

Got any manifesting stories of your own?  I'd love to commiserate or celebrate in the comments!

More importantly, if you are still wondering what this manifesting thing is all about, get in our contest to win your copy of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

Here's to Getting Rich!



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