Want a Better Life? Build a Better Business!

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Blog, Modern CEO Podcast

On my podcast, I don’t just talk about business. I talk about life. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, the two tend to have very blurred lines, am I right? What you want for your life and for your family happens through the business that you create — and how you run that business. A better business means a BETTER LIFE. It means more freedom, more profit, less worry, and more fun! And doesn’t that sound like something to strive for? Getting to where you want to go is easy — you just need to have a good roadmap! In my latest podcast episode, I share:

  • How a shift in focus can have a fundamental impact on your business — and how you can harness that power
  • How to create and finetune a killer battle plan for your upcoming year!
  • The Focus to Grow Biz Check planning tool!

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02:00  “If you’re looking for a fresh start, you’re absolutely right on time”

03:42  “If you want to accelerate where you’re going in your business, it’s time to focus”

04:20  What we can learn from tight rope walker Karl Wallenda?

06:59  Beware the over-full plate!

08:38  Get your prioritizing on with the Focus-to-Grow Biz Check!

12:34  Identifying your action items

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