How to Unlock the Power Of Systems with a Few Tweaks

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Even more than hiring, even more than outsourcing, what is the most vital thing that you can do to simplify your day-to-day workload and streamline your business processes?

Design and implement intuitive systems.

Systems are an underpraised cornerstone of successful businesses, but you observe them in action each and every day.

Every time you visit a Starbucks, your barista takes a series of steps to make sure that the right drink gets to the right person at the right time.

Every time you make a reservation at a restaurant, the staff use a system to make sure that the right number of seats are saved for the right person at the right time.

Every time you order a product online … every time you make an appointment for a haircut …

It’s systems all the way!

Are you ready to create your own killer systems and enjoy incredible levels of efficiency?

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How well-planned systems DRASTICALLY improve the way that your business runs
  • The difference between intentional systems and organic systems
  • How to map out the 5 key elements of every effective system

Listen below and discover how much easier running your business can be!

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03:26 “At its core, a fully-functioning business is basically a set of systems and processes”
04:48 Build your systems the way you’d build a city
06:52 What do systems and processes represent and what can they do for your business?
07:52 “Talking about systems is just another way of looking at scaling your operation and getting you more freedom”
8:39 Case study: Building a system out of chaos
10:76 The difference between intentional and organic systems
13:17 “The power of systems is that a few tweaks can have tremendous impact”
15:42 “Systems are a form of cloning and they’re going to help you accelerate your results”
15:57 The 5 key parts of a good system

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