From Unfocused to Thriving: An Attorney’s Journey to Finding Her Place

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Blog, Growth, Happiness, Life Goals, Right On Time Podcast

Does my website need a privacy policy? How to write a contract? What is a trademark? Is AI plagiarism?

These are just a few of the most searched legal questions when it comes to owning a business. Have you ever googled them? 

As Sarah Waldbuesser was living as a digital nomad and working on building an online business, she was surrounded by others also building businesses. 

And they had questions. 

Sarah quickly learned that the corner office in a law firm was not the path for her. She started looking for a way to live her life the way that she wanted – which included time freedom, the ability to travel, and helping others. 

Sarah Waldbuesser from Destination Legal is an attorney for coaches and online business owners with an incredible journey of entrepreneurship that I know you are going to love.

She actually fought against stepping into the legal side of business because she didn’t enjoy being a lawyer. She was, however, noticing the need as more of her peers were asking her business related questions. 

Sarah started as unfocused, trying to do legal and coaching. It wasn’t working. Money was running out, and she was brushing up her resume to start applying for 9-5s again. 

She created new offers for only legal related services, and started seeing some success. It was like the universe was telling her to really go all in on this. 

Now, sitting around talking about privacy policies and terms and conditions does not excite Sarah. BUT, empowering other women to protect their passion in an accessible way does excite her. 

Destination Legal is dedicated to making online business coaches legal needs easy and smooth sailing while holding up if in court if ever necessary. They offer contracts that any service provider will need and help with getting trademarks to Protect Your Passion

Sarah is really covering it all here. We are starting with travel and Sarah’s journey to creating her dream life and ending with pricing, client services, and what you need to think about legally when it comes to using AI.



  • Sarah’s journey to live a life she loves
  • Pricing your offers for what you are worth
  • The upside (and dangers) of people pleasing
  • The legal perspective on AI


Listen belowand thrive to find your place.


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