Screw Your Title (And What To Call Yourself Instead)

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Blog, How to Clone Yourself, Share Your Work | 12 comments

There’s a better way to communicate with people about what you do than your title that will:

  • Make people pay attention
  • Start conversation
  • Get you more referrals
  • Increase leads for your business

In fact your title, doesn’t really tell me anything about the results you can deliver for me, in the role of your ideal client.

So what’s the solution?

Screw Your Title!!!

In this video we break down the best way to share your what you do with them while you are at networking events, when you are talking to ideal clients, and how to get people to know you get results for your clients.

Results are where it is at!!

In case you want to read our tips for an alternative to titles, here’s the skinny in written format: So many people get caught up on what to call themselves…

I’ve got news for you… People care more about what you can do for them than what you call yourself.
Here’s a new way to look at what you call yourself and how to tell people what you do that will help you get in action and get past:

Am I a coach or a consultant?
Am I an online marketing maven or an online communications strategist?
Am I a boss or a CEO?  

Instead of telling people what you do…

Tell them about someone you’ve helped and the results you got them.

Let’s put this in play for someone who might typically call themselves a “web designer”:

Hey – What do you do?
I’m a web designer.
Hmmm.  Okay, okay…

Yeah…. That’s engaging.  Or this:

Hey – What do you do?

Well, let me give you an example.  I had a client who was selling soap online.  She needed a site redesign and wanted to increase her web sales.  My kinda challenge! We did a complete makeover of her website – Fast forward a year later she’s quadrupled her online sales due to the amped up user experience and marketing strategies we implemented.  Exciting stuff!

Quadrupled her online sales… How in the world?  I want some of that!

Now you may not want to go into that deeper overview with the kids or someone who doesn’t give two hoots about what you do – But you want to use this results based strategy when it counts! Like at networking events, with connectors, and ideal clients.

Don’t let not having a “title” hold you back from moving ahead to serve the world today.

The world needs more of you in it!!!

Describe how you work and the results you get for people and you’ll see ears perk up!

Using this strategy to describe to people what you do is a better conversation starter and will more clearly articulate the results you get for your people.  And results matter!

You know what time it is?

Time to share in the comments: How will you describe yourself going forward?

Can’t wait to see what results you deliver for people!!

Talk soon!

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