I'm a positive psychology junkie. I practice it too, I don't just read it.Audrey's happy!

I have a pretty up-beat grandma who would always welcome people in, wore a smile, and made everyone around them feel like they were #1. I'm sure my positive psychology love was jumped started by her and grew as I pursued her Guidepost and Readers Digest magazines and to find the call out boxes that would give me tips on how to improve my happiness and that of those around me.

In high school a few people nicknamed me smiley. I read research to support that the simple act of smiling can start to shift your mood even if you have to fake it at first. I took that in, tested the concept, and applied that research to my life day in and day out.  It was one of the easiest changes I ever made.

Oh yes, I have smile lines to prove it.

It must have worked because one day my junior year an on again off again friend challenged my demeanor – “There is no way you can be that happy all of the time.”

I was dumbfounded. And embarrassed that she called my integrity into question in front of this crowd.  I smiled and quickly replied, “Uh, yeah. I am.”

At the same time I wondered, am I?

I AM that happy all of the time, I thought after processing the thought for entirely too long. Sure, I had my fair share of challenges, but I am generally that happy. It's all relative.

Wondering what this has to do with you and your business? You know it's coming…

Fast forward 15+ years later, I am sitting in the Starbucks drive through line this past weekend and I was not smiling.

leadership is...My husband was been out of town for the last week. My sweetheart two year old hasn't been sleeping. I was dead tired. My hormones were doing something crazy. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling it.

Just then an email from the people at Happify popped into my inbox – I signed up to see what they were up to and see how they were spreading this happiness movement I am fond of.

Sure enough, the reminder about that smile was dropped into my lap:

Either way, scientists have found a quick pick-me-up that really works. You might be staring at nothing but your email inbox, but force your mouth into a big smile. Try it now—for at least a minute—you can even grip a pen in between your teeth if you'd like.

Has your mood improved, just a little? Researchers have shown that even a forced smile can decrease your stress levels and make you happier.

You know I immediately smacked on that smile.  Guess what, I felt better too!

Your happiness isn't simply determined by your genes, nor by what's happening in your life — nearly half of it is actually within your control!

You are in control + You are responsible.

If your business isn't running the way you want it to, if you are not finding the right people to outsource to, or your systems are all jacked up, your team can't figure out what you want, your coach isn't giving you the TLC you expected, or your tribe isn't responding to your messaging and mission, take a look at what you are doing in this situation right now to fuel the flames.

You are playing a leadership role to your business and to your tribe.

If things are not going right, it's time to look at this differently and reexamine what's happening.  As my man Wayne Dyer says:

When you change the way you look at things, things change.

Time for a little reflection…

What's going wrong or feels off in your business today and what can YOU do to be the change?

Tell me in the comments, I wanna know!!

If you popped a smile on your face to test this concept while you read too, how did it work?

See you in the comments or out and about on the interwebs!


P.S. If you are ready to make some changes and want to explore where to start, here's an uber practical kick-*ss book from one of my favorite COOs, Cameron Herold.  In Double Double, Cameron Herold outlines “focus points” that you can rally around to prepared your business to be set up to double your revenue and profit in less than 3 years.  If you are ready to change it up, jump in on the contest to win a copy! 

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Nothing changes until you change. #nice

When you change the way you look at things, things change. – Wayne Dyer #nice

1/2 of what is happening in life + business right now is in your control.  #nice

What's going wrong or feels off in your business today? What can YOU do to be the change? #nice

Researchers have shown that even a forced smile can decrease your stress levels and make you happier.

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