Modern CEOs – How to Stop Overcomplicating Money in Your Business

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Blog, Right On Time Podcast


[00:26] “It’s incredibly important that we look closely at our numbers and we look closely at our financials as we are growing our businesses.”

[00:48] “Take a look at your financials daily — what's coming in and what's coming out”

[01:13] “You might look at your numbers differently at different seasons.”

[01:57] Strategy on how to determine and manage your profit

[02:20] What is a profit margin

[02:45] How to track your profitability for the year 2021

[03:13] “What gets measured, gets done. Gets our focus. Gets our attention.”

[03:31] Difference between the sales number and revenue

[04:19] Ways to augment your money review using simple tools

[04:41] How looking at your revenue provides momentum

[05:02] “Everytime a sale comes, we're doing the happy dance.”

[05:19] Should you track your expenses individually?

[06:39] “Having your eyes on this is gonna fuel you and give you so much more awareness around your financials.”

[06:55] When to do your financial review

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