How Keeping Your Day Job Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur!

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Blog, Growth, Modern CEO Podcast, Success

Can you still be an entrepreneur if you have a side hustle?

Do you need to quit your day job to be considered a “real” entrepreneur?!?

These are the questions that we're going to be digging into in the sixth episode of the Modern CEO podcast!

“You're not REALLY committed to your business until you quit your day job!”

Sound familiar?

If you're anything like me, then you felt a lot of pressure to go all-in when you started your business. To just drop everything else and dedicate yourself fully to the journey of becoming a successful businessperson.

Often, this kind of pressure can come from people who don't even have their own business!

I want to tell you something: I felt SO RELIEVED when I stopped buying into this idea that I needed to quit my day job as quickly as possible. You know what happens when you start feeling less stressed out? You gain the ability to be more innovative and more creative – and doesn't that sound a lot more productive than worrying about whether you fit someone else's definition of an entrepreneur??

In this podcast, I'm going to:

  • Help you shift your focus from fitting the entrepreneur stereotype based on constant hustle to finding a sustainable (and healthy!) path for your business
  • Explore how slow growth can actually be a lot better for your business in the long run than hitting the ground running
  • Take a look at some businesses that disrupted entire industries through building upon things actually happening in the market

Be the entrepreneur you want to be!

Let's Get Started!

2:25        The problem with going “all-in” too soon and the benefits to slowing down
4:15        Wise words from Adam Grant
6:41        Can procrastination actually be a virtue??
8:32        Innovation v. improvement
11:50        A case-study of the slow-burn approach
15:50        Find the $100-bill ideas

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