It’s Evolution, Baby! How to Adapt to a 2020 World

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Blog, Planning

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know much I value a great plan!

(That’s why I hold a Planathon every year!)

I’ve always considered the intention to be a major aspect of any successful plan.

That’s why, each year, I set a new overarching intention for my life and business. I use that intention to guide the steps I take and to shape how I SHOW UP — in business and life.

And with the change and confusion and overwhelm that has come up for so many of us this past year, I’ve been thinking about intention-setting more than ever!

That’s why I asked my friend Missy Campbell to join me on the latest episode of the Right On Time Podcast.

Let me tell you — Missy is a MASTER of manifesting and intention-setting.

This woman has made me believe in magic!

Missy incorporates intention-setting into every step of her business, and with great results. Her deliberate and thoughtful approach has left her full of incredible wisdom regarding adaptability, adjustment, and knowing when to take things step-by-step … and when you need to SPRINT!

She’s one of the most fascinating people I know, and we had an amazing conversation about intention-setting, resilience, and how to narrow your social focus when it comes to your business (did I mention she’s also a social media genius??)


In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to set intentions — and then build effective plans and actions around them!
  • The importance of finding a planner that works for YOU — even if it isn’t the latest high-tech option
  • How intentionally building simplicity into your strategies will help you accelerate your growth!


Listen below!

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0:22  Introducing my guest, the great Missy Campbell!

6:39  The awesome power of manifesting (x3!)

8:26  “You just decide, and then it happens”

9:52  “Once you take the first step, you’re there”

10:22  Sustainable manifesting

11:59  The ‘Genie Effect’

13:12  Don’t underestimate the power of paper

15:12  “As you set your intention and sustainably take steps, there is an evolution where maybe the thing you’re walking toward changes”

16:30  The big three: problem-solving, speaking & writing clearly

18:22  The homeschooling renaissance of 2020

23:52  Everything is possible!

25:12  Build simplicity into your strategies in order to accelerate growth

27:49  “Picture yourself in a year. One year from now: who am I? Where am I? And just start walking toward it”

28:02  Find your social focus when it comes to growing your business

30:31  “We have the plan, we set the intention, we get in action and execute, then results follow”

32:17  Is now the time to consider changing the way you run your business?

33:02  “It is okay to always be learning”

33:19  Give yourself two minutes to feel overwhelmed — and then find a solution

36:00  “When the whole world flips upside down, obviously we have to flip upside down, too”

40:12  Fluidity and adaptability will be your biggest gifts as a Modern CEO

41:48  Have an ongoing problem? Create a system!


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