How to Break Perfectionism and Avoid Burnout

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Not practice makes perfect, but practice makes good enough.

At the time of leading up to this recording with Dr. Morgan Levy, I was going through an uncomfortable situation. I was working through it with meditation and leaning on others to help me navigate this time of discomfort.

I was judging myself and having to pull myself back into the present moment.

That judgment feeds into perfectionism, which can lead to burnout.

Perfectionism: when we have too high of expectations for ourselves and others – standards that are impossible to meet.

Burnout: a chronic syndrome that we get from the burden of working too hard without any rest

You might already see how perfectionism could lead us into burnout!

Perfectionism can stick us into a loop of constantly trying to be better and do more because we are never meeting our own (way too high) expectations. This can lead to judging ourselves and sending us to a mental spiral that could be difficult to pull ourselves out of.

Dr. Morgan Levy is here to talk us through that mental spiral and how to combat our perfectionism through different techniques. (You are going to love her STOP technique.)

Morgan holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is all about teaching high-achieving professionals the skills they need to optimize their work performance without sacrificing their lives outside of work!



  • What is perfectionism and burnout?
  • Spiraling and Judging ourselves
  • STOP technique, Journaling, and Mindfulness
  • The benefits of Mindfulness

Listen belowand discover how to rewire your brain to unblock yourself and get what you really want.


You are Right On Time. 



2:45 Meet Dr. Morgan and learn about her expertise

3:25 Burnout and Perfectionism

5:47 Negative effects of over positivity

6:39 How to cope with burnout and perfectionism

7:43 The STOP technique

9:48 Learn about Spiraling

12:08 How are judgment and perfectionism related?

16:39 Why do perfectionists procrastinate?

16:54 Perfectionism is NOT always a bad thing.

20:19 The culture of burnout and perfectionism

22:00 What is Flow Research and is it important?

24:05 12 Stages of Burnout

28:28 Benefit from practicing mindfulness

28:57 What is mindfulness

31:10 Gratitude Practice



The book I mention: The Art of Impossible by Steven Kolter

Another great book: Stealing Fire by Steven Kolter

Morgan’s Bundle: The Mindful Professional Bundle 

Morgan’s Reddit AMA

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