Give Your Business a Fresh Start… Anytime!

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Blog, Modern CEO Podcast, Planning

Do you ever wonder why we feel so refreshed and ready to start a project on January 1st? Or, for that matter, on the first of the month or on a Monday?

How about after a job change, birthday, or anniversary? Or even after a long weekend?

It’s a little thing called the Fresh Start Effect!

(Yes, it’s actually a real thing!)

At times like these, it’s common to feel an awesome surge of momentum. That little burst? You can harness that to catapult yourself into an amazing wave of productivity!

And I’m here to tell you how to ride that wave … Whenever you want!

In this episode, I will:

  • Reveal how “temporal landmarks” can lead to productivity-boosting fresh starts
  • Teach you how to trigger your own Fresh Start effect — anytime you want!
  • Show you how to bake multiple Fresh Starts into your yearly plan to keep that momentum going!
  • Give you three steps to get your Fresh Start party hopping!

Let’s get (fresh) started!


02:00  Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Happy Fresh Start!

02:50  What is the Fresh Start Effect?

3:20  “One month into the new year, only 64% of resolutions continue to be pursued”

4:50  Use temporal landmarks to help you navigate time

8:55  “You have got an opportunity to create your own fresh start” right now

10:30  Why you should leverage the 90-day planning process

11:47  Your three missions (should you choose to accept them!)

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Mentioned in this episode:

86 Days This Year When You Can Change Your Behavior – Daniel Pink

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing – Daniel Pink

The Fresh Start Effect by Hengchen Dai, Katherine Milkman, and Jason Riis

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