Use this framework to step into your star power

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You can own your dreams without selling your soul.

Lisa Robbin Young is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and accomplished musician with many credits. She has been featured on Disney+ and is the host of creative freedom. A show that's evolved into a book, podcast, and live event series. 

Lisa helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their own terms.

She believes the best way to truly become successful in life and business is to be yourself. 

Today, Lisa is going to share with us the framework that she has built with creative entrepreneurs and in studying those that are playing the top of their game. 

In this latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How (and why to become a celebrity in your industry)
  • How to take courageous action (and how to find that courage)
  • What it means to have power in community (and why that’s good)


Listen belowand discover just how to step into your amazing star power!

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You are Right On Time. 


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06:40  How it started for Lisa

09:11  The framework to step into your star power

11:26  Courage and where it comes from

13:53  Strong Castle, Safe Harbor (and what Lisa means by that)

15:48  Why be a celebrity in the first place?

18:24  How to play to your strengths

20:07  “But I don’t have any followers!”

23:43   What to watch for

24:34  The benefit of power

26:08 Different types of creatives

30:06 Where to connect with Lisa

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