Do This One Thing to Increase Business Confidence & Your Happiness

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There is no doubt that positive thinking is good for you.  I practice positive thinking myself.

Like Buddha said:

What you think, you become.  

Did you know thinking about the flip side of things – the dark side – has benefits too?

Today we are sharing a strategy that will help you:

  • Increase your happiness
  • Improve business performance
  • Help you make decisions faster
  • Become more confident

After you watch this video, we can’t wait to hear in the comments how you are going to use this strategy in your business or if you have some more positive affirmation tips to share.


We think our videos are kinda funny so we recommend you watch.  But if you are more of a reader OR you like to read and watch, here’s what’s going down in the video above:

There is a lot of information out there on the importance of positive affirmations and thinking positive thoughts. While that all good and important, it doesn’t replace the FACT that thinking about the worst case scenario can also be good for business and for your happiness.

There’s a concept in business called scenario planning — Essentially you think through various different things that could happen.  Then you outline what you’ll do if they actually happen.  This allows for a more flexible approach to building your plan.  It’s not linear, but it’s an if X happens then Y approach so you are ready for anything that is thrown your way.

My favorite thing to do is to do a little scenario planning with the absolute worst case scenario in mind.

I do this for business because I know that if my biggest fear comes true, I’ll know exactly how to handle it.

It boosts my confidence and helps me stay in action!

Hey if I can handle THATTTTT, I can handle anything that comes my way!!

Bonus: In addition to keeping things moving in the business and putting fear in it’s place through action, thinking about the worst case scenario is scientifically proven to increase happiness levels.

The thinking is that once you’ve created a game-plan for the worse-case, you’ll experience happiness every time that doesn’t happen.  Because, let’s face it – 98% of the times you worry about something it doesn’t happen.

Now don’t stop doing your positive affirmations – We do our fair share of positive polly chatter too! Just don’t throw scenario planning out either!

It’s all about integration.

It makes good business sense to do scenario planning and thinking of your worst case scenario is good for your happiness levels too.

So tell us in the comments:

How are you going to use this newfound fact in your business going forward?

Do you have any recommendations around positive affirmations?

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