Membership 101: Building a Successful Membership with 15 Hours a Week (Part 2)

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This episode is a quick follow up to last episode where I spoke with Lisa Pricinic – an expert on creating profitable memberships.

If you haven’t listened to part one of this mini-series then you might want to listen HERE. This episode, I’m walking you through my notes from my conversation with Lisa and telling you how this applies to my membership, Modern CEO.

Modern CEO is a comprehensive, high touch program that teaches business owners to be CEOs while being part of a community of like minded people that act as mentors, advisors, and colleagues. Plus, I’m only a voice message away to offer insight and guidance on any issue that may arise.

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Lisa and I talked about how it is important to provide value for both highly knowledgeable clients and beginners.

This really happens in how your program is scheduled. Inside Modern CEO, we have custom paths for what level your business is at. We offer Grow, Scale Up, Ramp Up, and Accelerate. There is a decision tree to help you decide where your business lands and we have specialized content for where you are now.

Group Calls
We talked about group calls with Lisa as well. We, in Modern CEO, have also customized these so that we can get things done quickly. Periodically, we host the Fast Track. This is a group of 90 minute calls over 6 weeks that will help you get things done, set up, organized, or running efficiently quickly. We have a pace setter that lays out the plan then in these 90 minute calls, we give each custom track a 30 minute block so CEOs can join in when they need to because time is valuable.

Live Launching vs. Evergreen
Lisa had an amazing perspective on launching. Particularly live launching vs. Evergreen launching.
Personally, I love the energy that comes with live launching! I talked about with Lisa how I’m also a little impatient. When I first started my business, as a side hustle, it was important to me to be able to focus on one thing at a time! With live launching, I was able to focus on the marketing plan then I could pivot my focus to showing up live and providing that value. Then, I could put my attention on thinking about what worked and what didn’t.

My launches started small – no ad spend, all organic then reinvesting as I grew. Then testing slowly with calculated risks as we dialed in the messaging and the model. I really spaced out my enrollments too. I am running multiple businesses so I have to stagger my launches so that they land at a time when I can give my full attention.

Testing Marketing
Lisa suggested testing hooks, which I loved. Seeing what gets organic engagement on social media, testing ads with small spend amounts, asking your email list with a quick poll – these are all some of my favorite ways to test content, messaging, and what your audience really needs.

Lisa mentioned that her program takes place inside Heartbeat! My photography business, Three Boudoir, my entire team uses Heartbeat for communication. It has replaced slack for us, and works really well for us. There are channels very similar to Slack. There are also events, an ability to introduce users, and course elements. It is really a great space to host a community. One drawback for me is there are no gamification elements. We do points and rewards inside Modern CEO so gamification is an important feature for me, however, if that’s not something you need then Heartbeat might be the place for you.

Modern CEO is a membership that I’m really proud of because of how much value it does add. I love getting to help fellow CEOs build and run businesses that give them the freedom to live a life that fulfills them with a joyful way.

I hope you got some amazing info and ideas in these two episodes. If you are curious about Modern CEO then go to!



In this episode, we chat about:

  • How to build custom paths for individuals inside GROUP programs
  • What we do to FAST TRACK results with our clients
  • How I got started with live launching
  • A few ways to test hooks and messaging
  • My quick thoughts on Heartbeat as a community platform


Listen belowand structure your membership in the most effective way!



You are Right On Time. 


1:40 Personalized paths for different members of your program
2:34 Quick start for modules of your program
5:40 Fast tracking your personalized paths
7:48 Difference: Live Launching, Evergreen, and Always Open
11:21 How to test your hooks
12:36 Community Space: Heartbeat




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