4 Wicked Tips for Wildly Successful Sales!

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How are you at selling?

Me? I think I'm pretty good one-on-one – I can either solve your problem or not, and I'm pretty upfront about what I can help with.

The tricky thing? Taking those one-on-one sales skills and scaling them!

Now THAT is something that I'm still practicing!

My friend Lisa Kuecker started her first business in the second grade, creating and selling coloring books to her classmates. Since then, she's spent her time growing a 7-figure health and fitness business that operates out of three states. Now, she's launched her new online business, Kismet Club, where she shares her incredible wealth of business knowledge.

I love talking to Lisa about selling – she's a genius when it comes to building amazing sales systems and attracting crazy amounts of leads. I often joke about wanting to steal her superpower! I bet that you'd love to have it too!

Well, it's your lucky day!

Lisa is breaking down 4 key elements to amping up your sales – so get out your pen and take some notes!

1. Know the want. This is the key – you really need to understand what you clients want. What questions do they want to be answered? What solutions do they want to learn about? What are their biggest pain points?

So, how can you figure out the answers to these questions? It's pretty simple – ask them! Lisa recommends creating a simple 4-question survey asking the following questions:

  • What is the single most important thing that stands in their way to achieving their biggest goals right now?
  • What have they tried in the past?
  • Why do they want their goal to happen in the future?
  • What are the specific problems they see arising as they make their leap forward?

Asking these questions helps you dig deeper into your clients' motivations, fears, and desires. That helps you better understand what they need from you!

2. The personal touch. “If you're working with somebody one-on-one, the personal touch is crucial,” explains Lisa. Introductory calls, discovery sessions, sales calls – these are all opportunities for you to sell yourself and your services, so it's important to make a connection. There are three must-ask questions, says Lisa:

  • “Have you worked with a __________ before?”
  • “If so, what did you love?”
  • “If not, what held you back?”

“Asking these questions gives you a clear understanding of what kind of knowledge they enter the session with,” explains Lisa.  “Someone who hasn't worked with a brand strategist or a graphic designer before may not really understand what the process is going to look like. Likewise, someone who has worked with a different brand strategist, a different copywriter, or a different graphic designer may have a very different vision than you for what the process looks like.”

Asking the second question usually offers a magical bonus – once they're done listing the things that they loved about working with their last photographer or web developer or whomever, they will usually go on to tell you what they didn't like about working with them. Pay attention to this part! “Your job is to take those concerns, issues, and fears, and answer them,” says Lisa. The third question gives you a chance to get some insights into what has changed recently for their business.

3. The webinar close. “I have built my entire beautiful, serious business solely based on webinars,” Lisa says. Her secret? A webinar blueprint that contains the essential elements of successful webinar marketing:

  • An invitation to engage.
  • A story that resonates.
  • An introduction to your big-picture blueprint.
  • Deep-dive into 3-4 specific steps.
  • A final invitation to converse.
  • An offer to join you in something bigger.

At the start of her webinars, Lisa likes to invite viewers to engage with her. She asks questions like whether they're making the kind of money they want to be making right now. The point is to make the webinar less a dry, one-sided lecture (um, boring!) and more of a back-and-forth. Following with a story that resonates helps build a deeper connection with the audience. Then it's time to drop in the big-picture blueprint – this could be an outline of the incredible services you offer or the structure of your online course.

Next, give them 3-4 detailed steps of a specific strategy – this shows you the amazing value that you offer them and lets them leave the webinar with some information that they can really use! “As the webinar draws to a close, ask them if what you're showing them is something that they can really use in their business,” advises Lisa. “This will get them to verbalize that they're ready to enact amazing change in their business … with YOUR help!” Then end with an invitation to join you in helping them make that change, whether that's through your online course or a special offer or by using your services.

4.  The email sequence. If prospects haven't purchased after the one-on-one session or the webinar, an email sequence is crucial. An email sequence reiterates key points, offers relevant new information, reminds prospects about offers, and gives them an easy way to make a purchase.  Lisa has specific email sequences for webinar attendees.

The first email that she sends is an offer to replay the webinar. The second email re-introduces 3 primary problems that affect her audience. The third email follows up on this with a case study that solves these problems. The fourth email contains FAQs on how her program or service solves those problems (are you starting to see a pattern here??)

If you're offering a product or service that has a limited time availability, then it's a good idea to send a series of cart-closing emails. “Send at least three of these emails about to everyone,” Lisa recommends. “You'd be surprised how often these emails get missed!” Two more emails should be sent to the people who are consistently opening your other emails – these are the people who are genuinely interested and really considering what you can offer them. Make sure to let them know that they can hit reply and ask you any questions or share any concerns they may have.

Whew! Thanks to much to Lisa for sharing her amazing strategies! Now it's YOUR turn – head to the comments and let me know your own secret weapon for delivering the personal touch!

P.S. This goodness was originally shared by Lisa Kueker in our annual Planathon! If you aren't in our Planathon Facebook Group yet – get there (it's Free!! We've got almost 8,000 entrepreneurs planning and growing their businesses. See you in the group!

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