The Secrets Behind the Modern Coaching Industry

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Blog, Business Planning, Life Goals, Right On Time Podcast, Start My Business

Have you ever worked with a business coach?

And have you ever thought about becoming a coach yourself?

Even if you’re not interested in starting a full-on coaching business, learning the skills used by effective coaches can provide a MAJOR upgrade to your business — and even your personal life!

The strengths and strategies developed through coaching can be leveraged in MANY different areas of your life, not only with your clients, but with your family and team members.

I definitely use coaching strategies with my kids to help them adapt their behaviors and get a few steps closer to their goals!

The great thing about coaching skills is that they can be woven throughout so many of the things that we’re already doing in our businesses, especially as Modern CEOs. But what sort of training makes sense for you? Is there a difference between coaching and consulting? And do you need to get a license to become a coach??

I know you have a LOTTA questions!

…and I also know just the person to answer them!

Through her business, Coach with Clarity, Lee Chaix McDonough helps business coaches tap into a deeper, more aligned form of coaching, offer incredible value to their clients, and build amazing businesses.

I’ve wanted to interview Lee for a long time, so this is a very special episode!

Lee brings a unique and valuable perspective and skillset to the coaching industry, as she is also a therapist. She offers her clients guidance in the roles of coach, therapist, AND consultant — talk about a triple threat!

In this conversation, we dive DEEP into the benefits of coach training, how to offer the greatest value to your clients, why taking action can be so freakin’ hard — and how to get more comfortable with change.

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • The differences between coaching, consulting, and therapy (and the common thread that links them together)
  • The major skills that you should master in order to become a good (or great!) coach
  • The debate over whether or not coaching should require licensure — and Lee’s education recommendations for aspiring coaches
Listen below!


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02:17  Meet Lee Chaix McDonough!

06:03  What Lee’s business looks like today

07:15  Coaching v. consulting

08:50  Amber’s consulting story

11:23  Caring for clients in different roles

12:40  Different types of listening

14:08  Enhancing your skills

17:19  Implementing change

19:20  Coaching is people management

20:22  Training & certification

23:01  Benefits of coaching skills

24:10  Coaching v. therapy

27:25  Coaching certification experience

32:40  Why Lee offers certification

37:20  Showing up in alignment

39:33  Where to learn more!

41:02  Takeaway

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