4 Business Planning Tools to Make Your Goals Happen in 2015

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Blog, Business Planning, The Planathon

Are you looking back at your 2014 and starting to make plans for your 2015?

I started my reflection and business planning process way back in the middle of November so I got a jump start on this!

Now we are mid-way through December and I'm teeing up the resources I'll need to bring all of my plans to life in 2015.

How did I get here and how can you get ready for your best year yet:

Do you want more money and abundance in 2015?  (Me too!!)

#1) Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! & How to Clone Yourself – Special Ends December 17th

My girl Denise Duffield-Thomas is one of the most giving, transparent, thoughtful people I know.  She's focused and dedicated to you creating more abundance in your life in 2015.

Let's face Things don't just change come 2015 simply because it's a new year!  We have to get in action and move toward the change.  Denise is making this a bit easier (and loads more fun) for us on the money front!!

Abundance In 2015

Denise bundled up some of her most popular, meditations, course content, and an audio of her book “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” so you can get in action in and start to shift your mindset and your actions to have more of the right things in your life in 2015.

I believe in Denise so much that when you grab this bundle, you'll also receive access to my program How to Clone Yourself. On. The. House!

How to Clone Yourself

We need more of you in the world so when you head down the path to abundance and wealth, I want to make sure you don't get stretched too thin…. Intro How to Clone Yourself!

Denise's book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, is so powerful, approachable, and smart my clients recommend I make it required reading for all business owners!!

Are you taking time to reflect on your Successes and lessons learned in 2014?

#2) Fresh Start 2015 – Available Now

Taking time to reflect on your successes and “failures” in 2014 is a critical part of setting yourself up for success in 2015.  The learning and the forward motion do not happen in the moment of the events of 2014. The learning and forward motion come in the space and time you give yourself to reflect.

Fresh Start 2015

We've prepared a 60+ page digital planning guide and workbook that walks you step-by-step, question-by-question through a productive reflection on 2014 and move you into planning mode for 2015.

Don't put your gorgeous daily planners away! Fresh Start 2015 isn't a day planner.  

This is a planner that guides you to strategically think through what worked (or didn't) in 2014.  You also receive an organized framework to map out everything you want to do in 2015 (and beyond).

From list building to revenue and profit plans and keeping focused, the Fresh Start 2015 digital planning guide and workbook has you covered.  Check it out!

Ready to get in action and further increase your chances of success?

#3) Freshly Implemented 2015 – Early Bird Ends December 15th

Finally, if you know 2015 is your year, you are committed to making it happen, and you want to surround yourself with like-minded business owners who are also going to get in serious action this year, I invite you to check out Freshly Implemented.

Freshly Implemented is a intimate mastermind-like experience that offers accountability, training on topics relevant for you as a CEO (regardless of your industry), and one-on-one time with me as your acting COO in 2015.

Freshly Implemented - Online Business Mastermind

If you know it's time to make a change and you want a partner in crime with will meet you there, check out Freshly Implemented today to take advantage of our early bird discount (ends on December 15th).

I'd love to get Fresh with you!

What Else are you doing to set yourself up for Success in 2015?

Do you have a secret weapon for preparing for sweet success as you complete your business planning for 2015?

Give us the scoop (and the link if you want!!) in the comments.



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