You are ready to take your business to the next level, yes? 

You’re a business superstar and you’ve got it going on.
You’re clear on what you want to do, busting at the seams with ideas, and you are quite the go-getter.


But how exactly do you take your visions, strategies, and ideas and bring them to life? You’ve taken all of the marketing programs you know of, you know your stuff, and you are ready to get it done.


When working with me, entrepreneurs go from pulling their hair out to a pumped up bottom line. Business leaders go from not knowing where to go next, to on top and in action.  It’s business made easy.


​You’ll make more money, you’ll be seen as a go-to in your field, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to make it happen.

work-with-amber: How to clone yourself

Laura Roeder said the number one thing she would do differently as she was growing her business was to get a team in place faster.  Run a business that keeps you energized, motivated, and making money long-term using a double. ​

How to Clone Yourself is a six week program that teaches “the art of learning to spread yourself thickly.”Go here to clone yourself.


Free Clonings!  That’s right.  Consulting and coaching on the house.

Why in the world would I let Gerta make me work for free?  Because I like chatting with you + if we are going to work together, I want to make sure I can help you.  You work hard for your money!

Free Cloning’s aren’t open all the time, but today you are in luck.  Free Cloning’s are being dished out here.